epoxy color flake


Epoxy Flake flooring is a strong industrial coating designed to be an alternative to Terrazzo. Easy to clean, cost-effective price, and an industrial epoxy base that can withstand heavy foot and vehicle traffic sets this decorative concrete flooring option apart. Commonly called chips, flakes, flecks or epoxy flake systems - Color Flakes are unique products that are integrally pigmented, brilliantly colored, and have endless options to customize. Perfect for giving you a beautiful and practical concrete floor.

With multiple blend options available to fit your style, and an end result that is slip-resistant and durable, this flooring option can fit any need!

We highly recommend this system for locations such as garage floors, pool decks, hallways, recreational rooms, warehouses, factory/industrial areas, locker rooms, staircases, fire stations, and more! For optimal strength, we use The Concrete Protector's Epoxy, Urethane, and Polyaspartic products. These products, combined with the beauty of Color Flakes, create the perfect long-term solution for your flooring needs.